Apple iPhone 13 & Pro series released.

Apple iPhone 13/Pro series released

Apple iPhone 13 & Pro series released.

At noon on September 15th, Beijing time, it is reported that Apple has provided many welcome improvements in its latest iPhone13 series, such as longer battery life, more sophisticated camera skills, and better display. , More color choices, etc. Although these improvements are not as significant as last year’s redesign and introduction of 5G, they are still sufficient to attract millions of Apple users to upgrade their iPhones to iPhone 13, especially when considering the various discounted prices offered by US carriers. Time.

At present, the three major mobile phone network operators in the United States have begun to introduce various preferential measures to attract people to upgrade their old iPhone phones to new iPhone products that support 5G. New and old customers can enjoy these discounts when buying iPhone13, provided they need to use the operator’s 5G network service for at least a few years.

These preferential measures allow operators to attract new customers and lock in existing customer groups for a long time. In short, US operators are now taking advantage of the iPhone 13 release to promote their 5G networks vigorously.

AT&T offers discounts of up to US$700-1000 for the iPhone13 series. These discounts make the customer’s purchase of iPhone13 almost zero. Verizon offers an $800 discount for the iPhone13, which also covers the basic cost of the iPhone13.

When offering these discounts, both operators require customers to trade in their old iPhones and sign up for the operator’s unlimited plan. AT&T requires customers’ old phones to be in good working condition, while Verizon accepts any phone without battery damage-even phones with damaged screens.

As for T-Mobile, its most aggressive offer is actually related to Apple. If the customer is using an old phone with iPhone X or higher to trade in an old phone at Apple, then Apple will provide a discount of at least US$200, and T-Mobile will also provide a discount of at least US$200. If customers have T-Mobile’s top mobile phone plan, Magenta Max, the discounts they can enjoy will increase significantly. For example, if a customer who owns Magenta Max uses iPhone 12 Pro Max for trade-in, 


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