GIGABYTE X570SI AORUS Pro AX series Mini-ITX motherboards

GIGABYTE X570SI AORUS Pro AX series Mini-ITX motherboards

Last week, we reported that GIGABYTE Technology Co., Ltd. launched a new X570S motherboard in its extensive product line. AORUS X570S series adopts an advanced chipset and adds a cooling function. Gigabyte has improved its design and features to another X570S series-X570SI AORUS Pro AX.

GIGABYTE is preparing to release the X570SI AORUS Pro AX Mini-ITX motherboard series, including the advanced features with new passive cooling technology seen in its current motherboard version

Gigabyte’s X570SI AORUS Pro AX is an upgraded version of the X570I AORUS Pro WiFi motherboard. This new model will add passive cooling to the new AORUS Pro series, and the packaging will also improve the environmental footprint.

The new name of the previous mainboard showed a more streamlined title to attract consumers. Gigabyte’s previous X570SI AORUS Pro WiFi motherboard already provides AX support. This new title will provide the company with the advantage of focusing on updated features.

Gigabyte X570SI AORUS Pro AX is also equipped with a radiator to cover the regulator module, thereby providing more air permeability for the central processing unit. A slight improvement but welcome addition to the series.

A large number of connections for the X570SI AORUS Pro AX Mini-ITX motherboard series.

For content creators and PC gamers, the X570SI AORUS Pro AX series will allow compatibility with many AM4 processors, whether it is the Ryzen 3000 series or the more advanced Ryzen 5000 series. This does limit the compatibility of older processors, such as AMD Athlon, Ryzen 1000 series, and Ryzen 2000 series with Radeon Graphics. The series also includes existing accelerated processing units.

In terms of increased performance, the X570SI AORUS Pro AX series can provide a variety of extended controls even at the lowest level and provide more extensive support for many advanced storage devices and graphics processing units.

X570SI AORUS Pro AX series is equipped with

  • One DisplayPort 1.2
  • Two HDMI 2.0 connections
  • Four USB 3.2 ports (one for external BIOS),
  • One Type-C USB 3.2 connection,
  • High-speed network and WiFi capabilities, and will become capable of supporting DDR4- 5100 memory to achieve high overclocking speed.


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