Google pushes new M89 update to Nest Wi-Fi and Nest display

M89 update
Google pushes new M89 update to Nest Wi-Fi and Nest display

Google just released new updates for its Nest smart display and Nest Wi-Fi devices. The new OTA will bring some useful and iterative changes to the device.
Nest Smart Displays will get more “preferred” video conferencing modes.

In November last year, Nest smart displays gained the ability to be used for video conferencing. This is at the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, so video conferencing is very necessary. Since then, the platform has prioritized the use of Google Meet and Zoom.

Now, with this new update, Nest devices will also be compatible with Microsoft Teams, Slack and GoToMeeting. The era of social distancing continues, because many people and businesses are still forced to separate. Having more platforms available for Nest devices is very helpful for people who still have to use video conferencing every day.

The new M89 update will bring some new additions and improvements to Nest Wi-Fi

On the other side of the update, we have seen some useful improvements to Nest Wi-Fi. First, the update will bring typical stability and reliability improvements. Nest Wi-Fi devices will also see improvements in mesh network performance and better compatibility with Internet Protocol TV network infrastructure. Nest Wi-Fi is now compatible with hub-free.

The Google Home application has also received new clever additions through the M89 update. When you encounter network problems, the Google Home feed will show you network insights. This means that it will not only tell you that your network is slow, but also why it is slow.

There is a screenshot of Network Insights, telling users why their connection is not good. It is said to be slow due to network congestion. This can be very useful for those who are not sure what is wrong with their connection. I don’t know how many network scenarios Google can provide.

At the time of writing, the current price of Google Nest Hub 2nd Gen is $79.99. This is $20 lower than the original price of $99.99. Nest Hub 2nd Gen is a smart display that can interact with voice and touch. Google Assistant is integrated into its DNA, seamlessly integrated into the experience.

You have full access to any function that the Google Assistant can perform. You can set reminders, query directions, find information, call others, listen to music, control smart home devices, and more. With the new M89 update, the Nest Hub experience has become better.


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