GIGABYTE FO48U 47-inch OLED display, perfect integration of high-end 4K and gaming

GIGABYTE 47-inch

Gigabyte FO48U 47-inch OLED display, perfect integration of high-end 4K and gaming 

With the development of science and technology, our requirements for display effects of monitors are also rising. In the past, we thought that a 1080P resolution monitor was enough, but when we saw a 2K or even 4K resolution monitor, we would be affected by that kind of vision. The effect is shocking. The 60Hz refresh rate of monitors is becoming less and less satisfactory for us, and monitors with refresh rates of 90Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz are also emerging in endlessly. But is there a display that can meet our needs for 4K resolution and also has a high refresh rate at the gaming level? That is the Gigabyte FO48U OLED display we are going to introduce today.

OLED screens, which are more common on mobile phones, are now also appearing on displays. Compared with LCD displays, it can be thinner and more energy-efficient, and can provide richer colors, high contrast, deep blacks, and wide viewing angles. , Fast response time and other characteristics. Gigabyte FO48U uses a 47.53-inch OLED screen with 4K resolution and a high refresh rate of 120Hz. But if you want to “feed” high resolution and high refresh rate at the same time, it also has the blessing of HDMI 2.1, and VRR (variable refresh rate) and ALLM (automatic low latency mode) are not absent. According to the test results, the input delay of Gigabyte FO48U is smaller than that of TV sets, making it the first choice of players.

We mentioned above that OLED screens have rich color contrast and other advantages. These advantages are also inherited by Gigabyte FO48U. It has 98% DCI-P3 color gamut. The wide color gamut makes the color of the game screen richer and more delicate. At the same time, it also has 10bit. The deep color makes the color transition of the sky, lake, water, and starry sky more natural, without the phenomenon of color gradation, making the picture details more outstanding, and letting us feel more immersive when playing the 3A masterpiece.

Although GIGABYTE FO48U is a monitor, it has profound knowledge in audio. First, it uses amplifying technology to provide the purest and most pleasing hearing experience. It also provides five modes, namely VS and FPS. , Movie, live, concert and other modes, we can also customize according to our own needs. Moreover, GIGABYTE FO48U also has three HDR modes: game, native, and movie. With multiple audio modes, you can have the most suitable viewing experience whether you are playing games or watching movies.

   Since the Gigabyte FO48U is used as an e-sports monitor, there will naturally be many functions players need. Black balance can optimize the dark area scene and ensure that the highlights are not overexposed, so that the enemy has nowhere to hide; the custom crosshair can make our marksmanship more accurate; the timer/counter allows us to easily record the opponent’s situation and keep it in check Information on the battlefield; there is a gun assist/aiming stabilizer, which greatly improves our aiming accuracy in FPS games. There are still many functions that are limited by space and we cannot introduce them one by one, but these functions can effectively enhance our gaming experience.

   Now many people may connect multiple devices to the monitor at the same time. If we connect a desktop computer and a laptop, then we need two sets of keyboard and mouse, which can be described as a “destructive blow” to the desktop space. At this time, the KVM function of Gigabyte FO48U comes in handy. With this function, we can control multiple devices with only a set of keyboard and mouse. It also supports cross-platform. Players can even charge the phone while playing on the big screen. .

   As a rare OLED display, Gigabyte FO48U takes the advantages of OLED to the fullest. As an e-sports monitor, while ensuring high resolution and excellent picture quality, it also has a high refresh rate and many game-assisted functions. It can be described as an e-sports weapon for players. There is also the rare KVM function, which allows us to easily control multiple devices when connecting multiple devices, and the rushing scene of switching between different keyboards and mice is gone forever. If you want to have an e-sports monitor with high resolution and high refresh rate, which can also take you to the top, I recommend that you pay attention to this new product.


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