Huawei P50 flagship series finally to be released on July 29

Huawei P50
Huawei may finally launch its P50 flagship smartphone on July 29.

This information comes from Weibo. This is still not an official confirmation from Huawei, but if the date is accurate, the confirmation will be released in the next few weeks. As a reminder, the Huawei P40 series was launched in March last year, so the P50 series is a bit late at this point.

Huawei has caused considerable problems due to the US ban, so this is not surprising. The company did tease the upcoming smartphone series at a recent event, and so far, some information has indeed surfaced.

However, before we start, it is worth noting that another P50 rumor appeared in China. It is said that Huawei may launch most of the P50 mobile phones that support 4G, all equipped with Kirin 9000 SoC. It is said that the pandemic has had a considerable impact on the supply chain.

Expected 4G and 5G variants

Now, 4G and 5G versions are expected. Of course, the version that supports 4G is expected to be more affordable. That being said, there was a third rumor recently, talking about the P50’s ultra-wide sensor.

It is said that the phone will use a 1/1.18-inch sensor for the ultra-wide-angle camera. This is a huge sensor that will make it the largest ultra-wide sensor of all mobile phones. It is rumored that the main sensor is the unreleased Sony IMX800 1-inch sensor. However, whether this is true remains to be seen.

The rear camera island of the Huawei P50 will consist of two large circles. The top circle will include three sensors, and the bottom circle will include one. All three devices will be equipped with Hongmeng operating system, but Google services will not be provided. More information may come soon, so stay tuned.


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