Devolver Digital’s phenomenal game “Loop Hero” will be on Switch on 12/9!

Loop Hero

Devolver Digital’s phenomenal game “Loop Hero” will be on Switch on 12/9!

Devolver Digital Press Release] “Loop Hero,” which once set off a boom in live games and forums, will soon be available on Switch! World-renowned game publisher Devolver Digital, in collaboration with the development team Four Quarters’, created the phenomenon-level game “Looping Heroes,” which will be released in Switch version on December 9. You can take a handheld device to explore the depths of the dungeon at any time. Immersed in the brain-burning fun of endless loops. In addition, the pre-order of “Loop Hero” is now available in the Nintendo Switch eShop, and the digital version is now 10% off, priced at approximately NT$378 (US$13.49).

“Loop hero” Since the market critically acclaimed and quickly swept through the game forums, live content, but also short-listed for this year The Game Awards Award for a best independent game. After the Switch version is officially launched on December 9, it is expected that more handheld players will be able to try the charm of this fashionable game.

The world has fallen into an eternal loop, and all residents in it have to suffer endless chaos. Continue to expand the mysterious card deck in your hand and place enemies, buildings, and terrain in the unique expedition loop of each brave hero. From the battles of different professional heroes, powerful loot can be recovered and equipped, and the expansion of the survivor’s camp can also bring enhancements to future adventures. All this is to piece together the heroes’ fragmented memories and contribute to the world. Bring the balance back.

Currently, “Looping Heroes” is available for pre-order in the Nintendo eShop, with a 10% discount for a limited time, and the price is about NT$378.


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