The open world RPG “Legend of War” is now available on Steam for early access

Legend of War

Shiro Games, well-known for developing “Evolutionary Land” and “North Gal”, returns with a new game. “Wartales” (Wartales) is an open-world RPG game based on the ruins of the Edoran Empire. Due to a plague a hundred years ago that caused its decline, this land has been plagued by bandits, thieves and other disasters. Players will command a group of mercenaries, let them struggle to survive, and perhaps usher in a considerable income.

It is estimated that “Legend of War” will stay in the Early Access link for about a year. As the developer said, “It may be faster, depending on how fast we achieve development milestones and the implementation of all planned features and content. .” But we are not in a hurry; we want to make sure that the game can reach its goal no matter when the final release time is. “

The early access version contains 3 areas; each area has 10 to 15 hours of game time. Of course, the system content generation ensures more content in the game. There are currently 550 props, 240 skills, and 30 occupations. Developers will add more areas with independent content and other generated content. Players can look forward to “more diverse enemies”, new modes, and updates to fix bugs and balance the game.


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