Google’s new Nest camera and Nest doorbell are more powerful and cheaper

Google's new Nest camera and doorbell are more powerful and cheaper

Google’s new Nest camera and doorbell are more powerful and cheaper

Google has introduced a new set of security cameras, the biggest update to its family awareness products in years. The lineup includes a battery-powered indoor/outdoor camera, a floodlight, a video doorbell, and a restarted wired indoor camera, replacing the Nest IQ Cam and Nest Hello Doorbell.

   The announcement was made after yesterday’s accidental leak, which led to Google inadvertently revealing a new product line on the Google Store page before it was quickly deleted. Now that the complete lineup of doorbells and smart cameras is in sight, you don’t have to wait too long to master this new technology, as two of these models will go on sale later this month.

   The new Nest Cam, priced at $179.99, is Google’s first battery-powered camera, suitable for indoor or outdoor areas. Arrived on August 24, it has processing capabilities on devices that store content locally, as well as a hard-wired option.

   However, the one stealing the limelight (or floodlights) is the Nest Cam with floodlights. It is the company’s first networked floodlight camera, priced at $279.99. Both security cameras have night vision, 6x zoom, and HDR. The user can plug it into the power supply using a standard cable or a weatherproof cable so that the camera can withstand even the rainiest days-the IP54 waterproof rating can prove this.

   The new battery-powered Nest Doorbell, priced at $179.99, is equipped with all the smart features and a halo-shaped halo that provides illumination for tourists. Nest Doorbell uses Google’s built-in HDR camera, with a wide field of view, to help users capture the entire outline of the visitor from head to toe, as well as any objects on or near the floor.

  According to the official Google page, the Nest Doorbell can capture multiple activities simultaneously and can distinguish people, vehicles, moving or stationary objects at the same time. Due to the enhanced vision of the doorbell, it should help solve the daily problem that sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the visitor by one of the best video doorbell cameras through the visitor’s characteristics.

   Fortunately, there is indeed a budget-friendly option among Google’s many new cam products. It is equipped with the second-generation Nest Cam, the successor to the original Nest Cam, and priced at $99.99.

   To save money, if the wifi is interrupted, the second-generation Nest Cam Indoor cannot log events to its local storage because it is not battery-powered. If your wifi is turned off, the recorded footage will be uploaded to the cloud when the wifi connection is restored so that the homeowner can view it remotely. Nest Cam Indoor is smaller than the standard version and offers four colors in terms of design.

   Let’s see which google device gets the best reviews. Our money was spent on an improved doorbell, which is one of our best smart security devices.


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