Microsoft officially announced a new generation of operating system: Windows 11

Windows 11
Microsoft officially announced a new generation of operating system: Windows 11

Microsoft officially released a new generation of the operating system through an online press conference, and the new system was named Windows 11 as previously exposed. This is after Microsoft officially announced the Windows 10 operating system in October 2014, they brought a new generation of Windows operating system after 6 and a half years.

The interface of Windows 11 announced by Microsoft at the press conference is almost the same as the version leaked two weeks ago. Microsoft redesigned the Windows 11 start menu, which is displayed in the center by default, and the new system has a new icon style, finer transparency, new themes, improved light and dark themes, and ubiquitous window circles. angle.

The only difference is that other custom function buttons cannot be added to the centered start menu of the previously leaked version, but this function was added to the official version of Windows 11 on the interface displayed at the Microsoft press conference.

win 11

In Windows 11, a new multitasking layout method was introduced, which is officially called Snap Layouts. When the user puts the mouse on the window maximize button, the system will actively provide a variety of different multitasking layout methods for the user to choose.

Microsoft has made multi-screen adaptive for this function. When you connect an external monitor with a larger display size, the layout of the window will expand accordingly. When the monitor is disconnected and the user only uses the laptop screen, the layout of the window The ratio will be adjusted accordingly.

Another newly introduced design is Window Widgets. In fact, this feature has appeared on Windows 10, it is similar to an information flow aggregation page, Microsoft said that this is a personalized information flow driven by AI.

Two brand new applications have been actively updated on Windows 11.

The first is Edge, the default browser for Windows. The Edge browser on Windows 11 can design different theme skins under different desktops. At the same time, Microsoft has added a separate button for it. By clicking the button, the “tab” can be displayed vertically or horizontally. Microsoft said they hope to simplify the complex and give users the simplest and purest browsing experience.

Another brand new application is Teams, an online meeting software developed by Microsoft. This application has become a standard integration in Windows 11. This function will appear in the center bottom menu bar in the future. Users only need to click on this icon to quickly realize the video call function in the pop-up address book.


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