Windows 11 will download and install updates faster

Windows 11 updates
Microsoft promises that Windows 11 will download and install updates faster

Even though Windows 10 has undergone multiple feature updates and the Windows Update algorithm has undergone major improvements, the entire upgrade and installation process still takes a long time. Fortunately, Microsoft officially stated that Windows 11 can download and install Windows updates faster than Windows 10.
Windows 11 will run in the background when it receives monthly cumulative updates, security or driver updates. The company promises that seamless updates will happen invisibly in the background. Microsoft said that on Windows 11, Windows update volume will be reduced by 40%.

It is still unclear how Microsoft made Windows updates faster, but it is possible that Microsoft did it through the use of “experience packs.” With Windows 11, Microsoft will push certain features to users in addition to major updates. These updates will be provided through separate updates called “feature experience packs” or “network experience packs.”

Microsoft has tested the ins and outs of the new Windows update delivery method with Windows Insiders, and the mature experience package will be released to consumers with Windows 11. Through the Feature Experience Pack, Microsoft can improve certain functions and experiences independently of the operating system. The plan is to improve the Windows Widgets and other functions through the update of the “Network Experience Pack” released by the Microsoft Store. Therefore, users will get some additional features in advance, and the scale of security updates will also become smaller.

In addition to Windows updates, Windows 11 will also bring some design changes to local applications, settings, file explorers, and other areas of the operating system. The redesigned lock screen and first-party applications are expected to appear in the upcoming preview version, or at least these adjustments will appear in Microsoft’s internal build and official announcements.


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