Lenovo Savior Y90 dual-engine air-cooled gaming phone official announcement

Lenovo Savior Y90

Lenovo Savior Y90 dual-engine air-cooled gaming phone official announcement, equipped with 6.92-inch 144Hz screen

Lenovo said that the rescuer Y90 dual-engine air-cooled gaming phone is equipped with a 6.92-inch AMOLED screen, E4 material, 144Hz refresh rate, and 720Hz sampling rate. Each mobile phone has independent color calibration, and an anti-blue light eye protection test.

The Savior Y90 is known as “dual engine air-cooled” and should be equipped with dual fan cooling. It is expected to be an upgraded version of the “twin turbocharged liquid-cooled active and passive integrated central cooling system” carried by the Savior gaming phone 2 Pro.

Earlier, Lin Lin, Lenovo’s notebook product manager, warmed up the new savior Y90 gaming phone. Lin Lin said that after 20 minutes of 120fps gaming, the phone had a temperature of 38.9°C.

Lenovo said a few days ago that the savior game device will have a unified naming rule: two digits for mobile phones, three digits for tablets, and four digits for computers. From the naming point of view, Y90 should be the highest model of the new generation of savior gaming phones.


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